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Dec 08, 2016 by Will Maule

3 Reasons Why Christians Should NEVER Overlook God's Judgement

We don't like talking about God's judgement. It is scary, and makes us feel insecure and apprehensive. But it is important to remember this as a fundamental aspect of God's character. He is the righteous judge. He is completely holy, and thus he hates sin. We must understand this as Christians as we seek to live to honor Him. Veronica Neffinger at Crosswalk provides us with 3 reasons why we should never overlook God's Judgement. 

1. Judgment teaches us who God is.
"As the Bible continues, we see God’s judgment for sin on display, but at the same time, we see God’s grace held up in contrast to His judgment: God saves Noah and his family from the flood, God makes a covenant with Abraham, God always preserves a remnant of true believers even while the majority of the world is going their own way and facing His judgement."

2. Warning against judgement teaches us what we should do. 
"God’s judgment points us in the right direction. God desires good for us, and He outlines in His Word how we are to walk in His ways and the consequences we will avoid when we follow Him."

3. Judgement is at the very heart of the Gospel. 
"The whole reason Jesus came to earth was to glorify God by taking on Himself the judgment we deserve and thus paying for our sins by the sacrifice of His own life. This is the gospel."

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