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Dec 13, 2016 by Will Maule

Billy Graham: 'Christmas Is All About Jesus Christ!'

As Christmas approaches, and the rush to purchase last minute gifts continues, Rev. Billy Graham reminds us that Christmas is all about Jesus Christ. This is why we celebrate. Because the light of the world came! "Could anything be more important than turning our hearts and minds toward Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas?" asks Graham. 

Graham highlights some Bible passages that Christians should focus on at this time of the year. "Centuries before Jesus’ birth, God promised that He would send His Savior into the world. This week, therefore, I suggest you concentrate on prophecies from the Old Testament. You might begin with Isaiah 7:13-14, predicting the Messiah (meaning “the anointed one”) would be born of a virgin," he writes. 

"Next week begin with the angel’s announcement to Mary in Luke 1:26-35, saying God had chosen her to be the earthly mother of God’s only Son. Then read Matthew 1:18-23 about Joseph’s reaction to Jesus’ coming birth. The actual birth of Jesus is recorded in Luke 2:1-7; follow it with the angels’ announcement to the shepherds in Luke 2:8-20. Then read about the visit of the wise men in Matthew 2:1-12. Finally, conclude with John 3:16-17, urging us to put our faith and trust in Jesus."

Seek after the Lord through the scriptures this Christmas, and remember what it is all about! "After you read, encourage them to discuss what the passage tells us about Jesus. Then pray together, asking Jesus to be the center of your lives this Christmas – and always," Graham urges.

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