Dec 20, 2016 by Will Maule

Clayton Jennings Refuses To Repent For His Actions, Walks Out On His Mentor

Preacher and spoken-word artist Clayton Jennings found himself in some deep trouble after numerous accusations of grooming and sexual advances surfaced. There was a quick response from his team, and it was clear that Clayton was taking some time out of ministry, whilst being mentored and restored with help from pastor Tony Nolan. Clayton even released a video 'Confessions' with Nolan introducing himself as mentor to Jennings. The video, however, has since been removed. 

Now, Nolan has come out and said that Clayton has turned his back on his journey of repentance, and is no longer under his mentorship. “To update previous communication, with [a] heavy heart, I inform you Clayton Jennings has chosen to end the repentance/renewal process with me,” Nolan, an evangelist and teaching pastor at Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia, posted publicly to Twitter and Instagram last week.

“Weeks into the repentance journey, Clayton informed me he had secured the services of a secular team to advise him. He asked me if he could follow their advice, yet still be in process with me. I said no, he’d have to choose one or the other, because it’s not in keeping with the original process,” Nolan wrote. “He then asked for 24 hrs to decide.”

Upon calling back, he informed me that he had already privately confessed to God about these sexual sins that occurred during his public preaching ministry and he really did not need the process after all, and just needs the secular team to navigate from the media fallout,” he explained.

Christian News Network reportedly reached out to Jennings’ elders at Harbour Shores Church in Cicero, Indiana for clarification on matters, but received an inadvertent message from Jennings’ father, Don Jennings, Sr., characterizing those who would ask questions on the issue as being “godless” and “bent on destruction.”

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