Jan 06, 2017 by Will Maule

Sean Lowe On No Sex Before Marriage: “I Am Different, Because I Love Jesus”

"The Bachelor" star Sean Lowe came under fierce scrutiny after telling a reporter that him and his now wife, Catherine, were going to wait until marriage to have sex. He quickly became known as "The Virgin Bachelor," and every question the press asked him was in relation to his sex life. 

But Sean stood strong, as he knew that honoring Jesus should always come first in any lifestyle decision. "Any talk show I went on, any tabloid, that's all they wanted to talk about: "why aren't you guys having sex?" All they want to talk about is our sex life and lack thereof," he said in an interview with Jimmy and Karen Evans at Marriage Today.

Sean said it bothered him at the start. "Our secular society, Hollywood in particular, they just want to label me as this outcast, this weirdo. That really bothered me. I wanted people to know why we were taking that stance." 

"But as the months wore on, we realized that people were still understanding our choice, and seeing God's truth through us. It's allowed us to share this message of you know what, we made this decision because we want to live in God's blessing. And not having sex, that's just an act of obedience. We try to be obedient in many different ways. Whether that's tithing or being in the word, or sex. That's one act, but it's such a crucial act."

"For all the young people listening, you will not regret that decision! You're doing yourself a huge disservice if you are having sex with other people."

Watch the couple talk about their decision to wait until marriage below. 

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