Jan 06, 2017 by Will Maule

Man Wins Buffet Meal, Invites Homeless Man To Share It With Him

When one Reddit user won a free Las Vegas buffet, he decided to ask if local homeless man, Todd, wanted to join him, reports AMCTV. 'Stenotrophomonas'  said most of his friends had already left after a conference he had been attending when he won the meal. So he got Todd to join him.

Todd has been homeless in Las Vegas for more than 30 years. The Reddit user said Todd had a lot of stories to tell. Todd said he was hit by a car and left in coma three years ago. He said he was having a hard time getting disability checks because he has no state ID, nor an address.

Todd enjoyed roast beef, fried shrimp and his favorite: mashed potatoes and butter. What a kind thing to do! Let's show people the love of God this weekend, and be inspired by this story of generosity and compassion. 

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