Jan 09, 2017 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham: 'We Prayed For God To Put A Christian In The White House, And He Did'

God heard the prayers of millions of Americans when he chose to elect Donald J Trump as President of the United States, argued Rev. Franklin Graham on Fox and Friends Sunday. He asserted that Americans are tired of the “secularist” federal government that has a “humanistic, atheist” agenda, reports The Blaze. 

"They were praying that God would change this and put somebody in the White House that believed in God, and would listen to God’s voice,” Graham said. And for Graham, the prayers were answered. “I believe — no question — that God’s hand was in it,” he said.

That being said, Graham now believes we are at a crucial time, and that Christians must continue to pray for the healing of our nation. “Now, we need to help this nation move forward,” he said. Watch the interview below.

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