Being In A Coma Convinced Harvard-Trained Surgeon Heaven Was Real

Jan 09, 2017 by Will Maule

Eben Alexander was a firm atheist until he spent a week in a coma and returned to his senses with an incredible description of the afterlife. He now carries the powerful memories of what he says was a real journey to heaven, reports ABC News. 

When Eben experienced a horrific pain in his head, he was rushed to the hospital where he worked as a neurosurgeon. Eben was gravely ill with an a rare form of eco li and meningitis infection that was ravaging his brain, causing him to fall into a coma. Doctors gave him almost no chance of life, and told his family that if he survived he would suffer brain damage for the rest of his life.

But this was not the plan of God. 

So did he really go to heaven? "Yes. In every sense of the word that's what my experience showed me." He remembers being cast into hell, before being rescued by a "beautiful, spinning white light, that had an indescribably beautiful melody." He said the light "opened up into a bright valley. Just an incredibly rich, ultra-real world." 

He met God and came back to earth with a message, given to him by a guardian angel. "You are loved, you are cherished, there's nothing you have to fear." But wasn't it just a hallucination? "I know this was not a hallucination," says Eben. "I know this was not a hallucination, not a dream, not what we call it confabulation. I know that it really occurred,” Eben said. 

Incredibly, the guardian angel he saw in heaven turned out to be his long-lost sister, who he had never met. It was only when he saw a picture of her that he realized she was the one who met him in heaven. 

"It was the most profound experience i've ever had in this life," Eben said. "That was the key. That explained everything."

"This proves that our soul, our consciousness, our spirit, doesn't depend on the existence of the brain and the body at all," Eben says, seen now fervently praying to the Lord Jesus with his family. Not a religious man before his experience, Eben now wants to share his story with the world: That there is a God, and there is a heaven.  

Watch more on this incredible story below. 

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