Jan 09, 2017 by Will Maule

4 Flawed Mindsets About Overcoming Addictions

When it comes to addictive behaviour, most of us will have some life experience. As humans, we tend to latch onto things, and we use them to medicate us through the tough times of life. But too often, these things are unhealthy, and can develop into God-dishonoring addictions. Much of our inability to break free from these snares comes down to our flawed mindset on the matter. Patrick Mabilog at Christian Today highlights 4 wrong mindsets that keep us caught up in addictive behavior.

1. Addictions Cannot Be Broken
"It may often feel like there's no escaping an addiction. But no matter how deep you are in one, there is always a strong chance of regaining freedom. We can and will experience freedom if we submit to God's perfect will of complete healing for us all. The power of the finished work of Christ on the cross was more than enough to set us free from the consequence and presence of all known sin."

2. We Can Overcome Addictions on Our Own
"While addictions can be overcome, the way to overcome them has very little to do with what we can do. Sure we have our part to play, but majority of the power to be set free comes through the miraculous working of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds. God is in the process of renewing our minds as we allow Him to take full control of our thoughts and consequently actions."

3. Wrong Mindset #3: Addiction Only Hurts the Addict
"Addictions do not just affect you, but also the people around you. Addictions are detrimental not just to individual health and well-being but to relationships and the health and well-being of other people as well. We were created by God to be relationship-driven people closely knit with others in that we can also pass on hurt, pain and suffering to family and friends closest to us."

4. Change Comes Instantly
"While change is possible, it does not come overnight. Change and transformation can take time and the time it takes individuals to experience God's transformative power can vary from one person to another. God has written a unique and beautiful redemption story for us all and we must trust in His perfect timing and allow Him to do His wonderful work through us. Though the need for patience may be gruelling, it makes it all worth it in the end."

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