Jan 09, 2017 by Will Maule

3 Keys To Living A More Meaningful Life In 2017

We are all on a search for deep, innate and profound meaning in our lives. Many of us have found this through faith in Christ. But even as Christians, we can find ourselves lost and adrift. Perhaps that is how you feel at the start of this New Year. Well, don't be afraid. God always has more for us. Dan Wilt at Church Leaders highlights 3 keys to living a way more meaningful life this New Year.

1. Make Your Spiritual Growth a Priority.
"It may be true that being “spiritual” is a big trend in our day. But not everyone takes the time or energy to cultivate their spiritual devotion to deepen its quality and strength in their lives. Spiritual growth is intentional—it doesn’t just happen to us. Consider putting something systematic in place (ex: attending church two to four Sundays a month, starting each day with prayer) that will help you keep your spiritual life in a state of constant growth and maturity."

2. Ask Your Family What They Need From You.
"Tonight, at dinner time, ask your family what they need from you this year. While teens and children may struggle to answer this one, you may get some surprising answers. Your spouse, if you’re married, may see this as an opportunity to share something they feel has been missing from your part of the relationship. Receive all input with grace, and as a clarifying gift. Then, without empty promises or overstatements, commit yourself to doing your very best to provide what has been asked of you. Your family is your highest priority; give them all you’ve got."

3. Make a Daily Choice to Live Generously.
"I’m amazed at the amount of daily opportunities to be generous with time, money, energy and care that present themselves. For you, committing to an organization early this year that will get you outside of yourself and giving to others may be just the trick. Or, maybe a little note you set on your breakfast table each morning that says “Live Generously” will get you going on on the right path"

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