94-Year-Old Retired Pastor Knits Hundreds Of Hats For The Needy

Jan 09, 2017 by Will Maule

Shelley Shellenberger may have retired from ministry, but he is committed to continuing on his good work for the Lord. Despite having suffered a stroke, the 94-year old will sit in his chair for hours at a time, wrapping strands of yarn around the pegs of a Knifty Knitter loom, reports CBS Pittsburgh. 

”I usually choose the colors,” his wife, Mildred, says, “and he makes the caps.. Then I take it off of the frame, and pull it together at the top. I sew it and put a pompom on it that’s the same color as the stripe.”

Eventually, a multicoloured ski cap will emerge from the round loom. It is a painstaking process, but one that Shelley is wholly devoted to. Indeed, there is a bigger reason for his toil. These hats, stacking up on Shelley's dinner table, will find their way to warm the heads of needy children and adults in Eastern Europe, courtesy of Christian Aid Ministries in Ephrata.

Jon Stoltzfus, who handles PR for the ministry’s local office, says the donated caps join lots of other clothing sent to the organization’s warehouse in Shipshewana, Indiana, for sorting by volunteers.

“Moldova, Ukraine and Romania are the most likely places they would wind up,” Stoltzfus says. The ministry also provides humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in both Syria and Jordan, so those are other possible destinations for the clothing, which is put in large containers to be shipped overseas.

Shelley says he owes huge gratitude to his wife for helping him continue on ministering the people even in his old age. 

“I couldn’t live without her,” he says, to which his wife replies, “When he has a problem, he comes to me.”

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