Jan 10, 2017 by Will Maule

Man Dies Of Heart Attack, Comes Back To Life And Recalls Meeting Jesus Christ

When Seth Cowan collapsed on May 13 last year, it appeared to be the end of the road for this young man. He was experiencing a blockage in the main artery into his heart. This type of heart attack almost always claims the lives of those who suffer it; only 10% of people survive. But God let him live. 

Seth managed to stagger down the stairs of his apartment, and desperately called 911. First responders found him fighting for his life. But the strain on his heart was too great. "I passed away from something called a "widowmaker" heart attack," Seth says. It is the worst kind. Then, whilst in the ambulance, he experienced a vision of Christ. His heart was flatlining. Seth describes what he saw. "I started seeing a white light whilst the paramedic is telling me "stay with me, Seth stay with me. The first thing I noticed was that I felt calm and relaxed, and there was a white veil," he says.

Then Seth saw someone who he just knew was his "best friend ever," even though he didn't recognize him from his earthly experience. There was a connection there that went deeper than anything Seth had ever experienced in his life. He wholeheartedly believes that this person was the Lord. "It was Jesus Christ himself," Seth declares. It was so glorious to be in the presence of the Lord Jesus, Cowan did not want to return to the confines of his human body! "I didn't want to come back to what I'm doing here. I felt such peace."

Seth pleaded with Jesus to let him stay, but as he was coming back into his body, he heard the words "No, not yet." "That just tripped me out! Those words have been so profound in my life. I live in a different fashion now because I want to be a Christian. I want to write Christian music."

"I used to write music about pot, and about getting high, hanging with your homies and getting laid. Now I want to write positive music that mentions the Bible." 

"I just want to write Christian music for God." 

"If I have another heart attack tomorrow and don't tell you that Jesus Christ is real, I'm gonna feel real bad about it." 

To anyone reading, Seth has a profound message: "When you realize that Jesus is real, you'll realize a couple of things. You'll realize he died for us! What kinda crazy, gutsy person goes out on a limb for a bunch of people he doesn't even know? Jesus Christ did!"

"It's my job to testify on behalf of my friend, Jesus!" Share this with your friends so they might know the reality of Jesus Christ! 

Watch Seth tell his compelling story below. 

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