Jan 10, 2017 by Will Maule

This Woman Received A 'God Assignment' At Fort Lauderdale Shooting Terminal

Out of the chaos, fear and turmoil of the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, one woman was chosen by God to bring comfort to the frightened. Following the shooting, the international airport was placed on lockdown for hours. No-one came in, no-one got out. One Christian woman, Christine Sneeringer, had missed her earlier flight, and was on the floor above when the shooting began. 

"I was kicking myself for not asking how much it would have been to just pay an overweight bag fee. This would have allowed me to make my original flight. I texted a friend and shared my frustration over the additional fee. She said, "So sorry. God must have some divine appointment for you,"" she writes at Charisma. "Soon after I got to my gate, the shooting downstairs took place and it was mayhem in the terminal with everyone running and screaming "gun," trying to get outside of the building."

Christine still hoped she would make her flight, but then the reality of the situation began to sink in. "After an hour or two, we realized no one was going anywhere on a plane, and we couldn't even leave the building. After the first incident, only my terminal was closed, but now the entire airport was on lockdown. Planes full of passengers were stranded on the runway. Nobody in or out of any terminal for who knows how long," she writes. 

With time dragging on, people were getting hungry. Christine realized that God was calling her to do something. "A Delta pilot came by and gave out pretzels and peanuts and someone else brought a few bottles of water to distribute. That's when I remembered I had a couple boxes of protein bars that I had moved from my checked bag to my backpack. I pulled them out and went around from passenger to passenger offering what little I had. Are you hungry? Would you like lemon or chocolate?" she writes. 

But she soon ran out of supplies. She needed to get hold of more to feed the rest of those who didn't get their hands on a snackbar. "The food court was still closed but the Hudson News store was open and many were buying Pringles and other snacks. I looked for something affordable and decided Bevita breakfast bars was my best bet. I asked Ana, the store manager, for a bulk discount on snacks and bottled water, but she just gave me a basket and let me fill it up and get to work!" writes Christine. 

"She then assigned an employee to accompany me and carry the bottled water. I kept running out of snacks and bottled water and going back to her for more. Each time I went back to refill the baskets, I wondered when Ana's generosity would end. I must have given out ten baskets of snacks. Over the next two hours, I cleaned the store out of all the Bevitas then moved on to Nutrigrain bars. This is how I became known as the "snack lady"!"

Christine chose to serve the hungry and frightened in what was a horrific situation that many of us will never even come close to experiencing. "People thought I worked there. They were shocked when I told them I was a passenger. I joked that I thought I would be flying somewhere today, but that hasn't worked out so well. I said it was happy hour and handed them a free water and a pack of crackers. Some didn't know what Bevita was, so then I turned company spokeswoman, explaining its like a graham cracker only better," she explains. 

"Some didn't care. When you've been sitting for eight hours, food is food. I shared smiles and laughter with lots of beautiful people throughout the terminal, and I knew in my heart I was on my God assignment. It reminds me of Psalm 31:15—"My life and times are in Your hands."

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