Jan 10, 2017 by Will Maule

Mike Pence Has Put God FIRST For His Entire Political Career

Vice-president elect Mike Pence once said that he is a "Christian, conservative, and a Republican - in that order," and he has proved it time and time again throughout his political career. He has sought the counsel of God on many of his big policy decisions, and will continue to do so as he moves into his position in the Trump administration. 

In a VICE news special, they take a look at Pence's role in the politics of Indiana; the state he governed for four years. Today, he officially relinquishes his power over Indiana. Pence has faced fierce criticism for allowing bills to pass such as the 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' which allowed businesses to deny services based on religious belief. Protestors marched the streets in their thousands. But Pence wants his faith to be paramount in his political dealings. 

Pence has previously told the press that he often "prays" over an issue before making a key decision. Such was the case in the HIV outbreak that hit Scott County in 2015. The disease was being spread rapidly by sharing needles. One of the solutions? A needle exchange program. But this didn't sit well with Pence. 

"I'm giving the authority to local officials today, to establish a focused, short-term program on the basis of a public health emergency. I don't believe that effective anti-drug policy involves handing out paraphernalia to drug users by government officials. I reject that," he said on the issue. 

"When faced with the HIV outbreak, Pence proved his adage about being a Christian and conservative above all else," says VICE reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro.

"Soon he'll be one of the decision-makers on national issues like judicial appointments and the funding of Planned Parenthood, where his religion will surely play a part."

So, with Pence moving into the upper echelons of political power, how can we know he won't change as a leader? Well just look at his leadership philosophy: "I believe in servant leadership, and the servant always asks, 'Where am I needed most?'" 

Let's pray for Vice-president elect Mike Pence as he leaves his governorship and heads to the White House. May God give him wisdom for the big decisions, and bless him richly!

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