Jan 11, 2017 by Will Maule

NFL's Ben Watson: “Abortion Won't End Until Men Stand Up” For Women and Children

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson has asserted that abortion will not end until men start advocating on behalf of women and children. “It is past time for men to be the leaders, caretakers and protectors they were created to be. As with many other social injustices, abortion will not end until men stand up for both the lives of the innocent and the mothers in crisis," he said, reports Life News. 

Watson has been keen to promote the new book 'Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women,' by Human Coalition President Brian E. Fisher, which seeks to examine men's role in subjugating women with abortion, and challenges men to stand up for the abolition of abortion.

"While it has been attractively packaged by some, abortion is the most egregious social injustice of our time. This book, as well as the work of Human Coalition, has and will continue to play a vital role in encouraging men to understand, confront, and embrace their responsibility in righting this wrong during what has proved to be a very unpopular time to do so. We cannot remain silent."

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