Jan 11, 2017 by Will Maule

African Man Buried With $55,000 To 'Appease God' On Judgement Day

A Ugandan civil servant told his wife to bury him with a cash amount of 200 million Ugandan shillings (equivalent to $55,000) to try and appease God for the his sins, reports Africa News. 52-year-old Charles Obong's son confirmed that his will stated his wife should deposit the vast sum of money in his coffin. 

However, his will was ‘violated’ over the weekend after his remains were exhumed and the money removed by his clan members. In September, the Ugandan parliament announced that it will be setting aside $20,000 for each lawmaker as a way of ensuring deceased members of the National Assembly are given decadent funerals and burials. 

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