Jan 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Gospel Singer Carman Set To Release New Song About Trump And The Election

Gospel artist 'Carman' has announced to his fans that he will release a new song about President-elect Trump and the election. "Mark your calendars this coming Tuesday at 6:00 PM PCT / 9:00 EST I'll be going old school and premiering a new song with just me and my guitar. Like I used to Back in the Day. But this time, YOU GET TO HELP," he wrote on Facebook. "I'm writing a song about President Elect Trump and this wild ride of an election."

Carman continued "It's gonna be crazy ! You tell me what points you think the song should include. You've watched the news and have lots of observations. So chime in and let's do this together." 

The singer asks people to post their thoughts and ideas in the comment section of the post, and says that he'll "do his best" to include them in the new song. "We're gonna have some fun," the singer asserts. 

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