Jan 19, 2017 by Will Maule

Man Gives EPIC Preach On NYC Subway, SO Powerful

This guy was filled with the Holy Spirit, when he felt compelled to preach the gospel after getting on the New York subway. The results were simply remarkable. It was no ordinary chat with a group of strangers, the power of God was at work! "Nobody ever claimed this very thing: "I am the way, I am the truth, and I am the life," he says to the packed train. 

"You see, everybody claimed to have it, but Jesus Christ claimed that he was!" As some people begin to get up and leave, he says graciously "God bless those that are leaving," to which others agree "Amen." The man then gives some of his testimony. "I don't know where your blind spots are, but I know where mine was. See, I grew up in the projects, little bit of Queens, little bit of Brooklyn. 14-years-old I gave my life to Christ. 14-years-old I got jumped and almost died. 14-years old my Mom kicked me out, I became a homeless man for 9 years," he says. 

"I used to sleep on this train, I used to rob people, I used to steal, I've been locked up in jail!" 

"Can anyone identify? We've all been through a struggle," to which one man starts nodding. "Well I'm here to tell you tonight that there is a truth, and this is the truth that the gospel of Jesus Christ can change your life. The gospel of Jesus Christ, when you believe it in your heart, by faith, it will change you and your identity." 

"The truth is, the creator, in heaven, made man in his image. You are made in the image of God. There is greatness inside of you. There is potential inside of you. There is a power that is waiting to be released. And it can only be released by the power of the Holy Spirit!" 

"YES" someone shouts out. 

"We can't get that spirit unless we receive Christ." 

"Amen," another person shouts.

What an INCREDIBLE preach. Check it out below. 

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