Feb 15, 2017 by Will Maule

Britney Quotes Luke 6 Bible Verse After Katy Perry Mocks Her At Grammy's

Singer Britney Spears has hit back at Katy Perry in an extraordinary way; by quoting a Bible verse. Perry had been mercilessly mocking Spear's 2007 head-shaving fiasco at the recent Grammy awards, reports US Magazine. However, instead of entering into a heated Twitter debate, Spears chose to lay down some scripture!

“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart - Luke 6:45” she posted on Twitter. 

“It’s called taking care of your mental health,” Perry said when asked about her recent break from music, before adding: “I haven’t shaved my head yet.” She repeated the insensitive remark during another live red carpet interview with CBS. 

But instead of getting mad, Britney responded with a gracious yet piercing message from the Bible! Whan an awesomely unique way to reply...with the truth-filled word of God! 

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