Feb 21, 2017 by Will Maule

God ALWAYS Works In Our Waiting

Waiting is tough. In an age of digital media, fast food and Amazon Prime, we scarcely like to wait for things. We want it now. Unfortunately, God has to teach us some harsh lessons through the waiting. Perhaps you feel as if you've asked God to develop something in your life, and it just hasn't happened. What should you do? Move on to the next thing? Well, maybe you are called to wait. 

"While society makes every attempt to make our life easier and faster, God works on a very different timetable," writes Jade Mazarin at Desiring God. "In His mind, nothing is wrong with waiting. In fact, waiting can actually be a positive good that he often uses to make us more like his Son." 

The thing is, God ALWAYS works when we are in a period waiting. "God wants us to learn how to follow him and put down our demanding selves — to calm that screaming child in us," highlights Mazarin. "One way he helps us do this is to say, “Wait.” That miserable, uncomfortable, sometimes painful state of silence is one of God’s most powerful tools to set us free."

We must learn to wait. Perhaps we will receive something unexpected from the Lord in that time. But we must learn to trust in Him alone. He knows the perfect timing on our lives, we don't. "He is capable of both helping us and changing things. Much of our anxiety in waiting is because we forget that “God is able to make all grace abound to you” (2 Corinthians 9:8). You are not at the mercy of your circumstances," highlights Mazarin. 

"God invites us to trust in his goodness today and his faithfulness tomorrow."

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