Feb 22, 2017 by Will Maule

Ark Encounter To Open Exhibition Displaying 11 Reasons Why The Bible Is ABSOLUTELY True

Creationist Ken Ham's Ark Encounter has been shrouded in controversy ever since its inception. With a huge secular opposition, many believed the project wouold enver be carried out. But Ham has made it happen. A life-size replica of Noah's Ark was opened last year, and now hosts a number of fundamentalist creationist exhibitions. 

The latest is called "Why the Bible is True." Composed of 11 scenes, this sprawling exhibit takes up a large section of the bow end of the ark's third deck, according to Charisma. The realistic and cutting-edge art style highlights important questions many young people encounter and provides useful and clear answers for a cynical world. 

"The gospel will be presented clearly and tastefully in this exceptional exhibit, and in a way that's understandable to our secularized culture," Ham said of the new exhibit. "We've never hidden the fact at AiG that our main purpose as a ministry is to present the truth of God's Word. Of course, we are not forcing it on guests. AiG just presents the clear gospel message."

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