Feb 22, 2017 by Will Maule

'George Washington Was A Devoted And Practicing Christian'

Contrary to much popular opinion, historian and theologian Dr. Peter Lillback believes that America's first President George Washington was a devout and practicing Christian. Many sceptics choose to believe that Washington was merely a deist and did not have a living and active faith. 

"If you go through his 30-plus volumes of writings, which I have done, both painstakingly by computer and by reading, I've discovered that he claims to be a Christian on many occasions," Lillback told CBN News. "Further, we find that he even criticizes those that did not believe in God's existence or that God had anything to do with the birth of America."

"He speaks of Jesus as 'the Divine Author of our blessed Religion,'" Lillback continued. "He gives the phrase divinity to Him, and then finally, he calls the Bible, the 'word of God.'"

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