Feb 22, 2017 by Will Maule

Tim Tebow Criticized For Praising Controversial 'The Shack' Movie

Comitted Christian and former star of the NFL Tim Tebow has been heavily criticized for praising the controversial new movie 'The Shack.' The movie is based on the famous novel, where three different people portray the Holy Trinity. 

“Got a sneak-peek of @TheShackMovie last night. Great reminder that God is with us in our highs & lows & LOVES us no matter what!” Tim posted on Twitter on Friday, generating 1,700 likes. However, the reaction to his post was certainly mixed!

“I was able to get a sneak peek, too! I loved the way it portrayed the Trinity’s relationship with each other and us!” one follower wrote. “I can’t support this movie nor have I the book. Scripturally unsound,” another wrote. "This movie and book are Scripturally unsound. No Christian should view!” another asserted. 

“Except for the heresy and misrepresentation of a holy God. Great reminder to read our Bibles,” another wrote in stern objection.

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