Feb 22, 2017 by Will Maule

CeCe Winans: 'The Church Is SO Important In Bringing Peace To America'

Singer CeCe Winans has a plan to Make America great again, and God is at the center of it. Theaward-winning artist believies the Church has a vital role to play in bringing peace to America at  this troubled time. "I don’t think the role (of religion) is as big as it should be” now. And “I think if everybody would understand how important the church is to our society, I think we would experience peace a lot sooner," she told The Huffington Post. 

“One thing about God’s work is, when you’re dealing with truth and you’re dealing with love. It really can fix every situation, but we all have to be willing to do that.” Winans continued “We have to be able to humble ourselves, and prefer others more than ourselves, and when we do that it creates peace, it creates harmony.”

Winans and her husband Alvine Love II founded lead Nashville Life Christian Church. The experience of starting a Church has humbled Winans, and taught her a lot. "It has required my husband and I to lay down our lives even more for people. I think we’ve tapped into true happiness. It’s a lot of work, but it’s the best way you could ever spend your life," she told The Tennessean.

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