Feb 23, 2017 by Will Maule

Francis Chan Reveals God Told Him To Give Away $1 Million In One Year!

Giving is often a sticking point for Christians. Too often, we adopt a legalistic view of tithing; a duty to give our 10%, nothing more and nothing less. But this is not a good reflection of the heart of God towards us, which is one of abundant generosity. We must learn how to give with joy. Francis Chan points out some key lessons he has learnt our of his personal experience of giving. 

Chan says that he would dutifully give his 10%, before reading the scriptures some more and realizing he needed to be more extravagant. Then a trip to Africa changed his whole view on the subject entirely. "I felt something for the people. I loved the people. It wasn't giving out of guilt, it wasn't giving out of anything more than want and love," he says.

"It was like, I would much rather build them a highschool than buy a new truck, you know that would give me much more joy because these are friends of mine now." 

"I don't see God detaching our human affections for people from our giving." 

Chan came home with a radically changed heart towards giving. "I came home and I said to my wife, honey let's see how much we can give away. Let's just start selling things, let's go nuts on this. Because I've falled in love wit these people."

"As we gave more and more, the Lord just blessed us more and more." 

Chan said that the lord instructed him to give away $50,000 the following year. "That's about what I make," says Chan. "So it's like, OK Lord help me, I want to do that then. And we were able to do it! Wow, but I think the Lord wants me to give $100,000 next year. Sure enough we're able to do it!"

"Then it's like, I think the Lord wants us to give $1 million next year. It's like OK now we're being silly here. This is just stupid."

"And sure enough!"

"God has always blessed what i've given. I just get more and more enjoyment out of it. So I just do it more and more."

Chan talks about how he can be tempted by the money, and so he gave over his organization Crazy Love to a charitable gift fund. "This way I knew I can't even touch it if I wanted to. Just in case I change my mind later and get greedy," he said. Now, Chan gives away all the money to any charity he desires.

"It's a blast!"

Watch him talk more about this below. 

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