Feb 27, 2017 by Will Maule

Tim Keller Resigning As NYC Redeemer Senior Pastor

Esteemed theologian, author and pastor Tim Keller is to step down from his role as Senior Pastor of NYC Multisite Church Redeemer. Keller, 66, announced at all eight Sunday services yesterday that he will be stepping down from the pulpit, according to Christianity Today. The move is carefully planned in accordance with a decades-long plan to transition the single Presbyterian Church in America congregation into three particular churches.

But Keller isn't done yet. He will work full-time teaching in a partner program with Reformed Theological Seminary and working with Redeemer’s City to City church planting network. “There’s a certain level of him that’s going to mourn the connection with a congregation and being their pastor,” said Kathy Keller, Tim’s wife and a staff member at Redeemer. “It’s a loss. But there’s also something very exciting that he’s going to.”

“He will probably be speaking the same volume of words as he does now,” Kathy said. Redeemer has grown to 5000 stong under Keller, and he is keen for it not to become a megachurch, hence the splitting into three congregations. 

“This is not primarily a succession plan,” Kathy Keller said. “It is a vision for not being a megachurch.” Keller thrives on New Yorkers’ curiosity, and his church proudly proclaims, “Skeptics Welcome.” New York magazine called Keller “the most successful evangelist in the city,” citing his influence among young professionals. 

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