Feb 27, 2017 by Will Maule

ISIS Thought They'd Destroyed Everything In This Church, But They Forgot To Look Up

As ISIS continues to rampage through the Middle East, destroying every symbol of Christian culture they can get their hands on, the trail of devastation is excruciating to witness. But the Islamic State fighters are weakening, as Kurdish and Iraqi government forces mount an offensive to rid their country of these deathly individuals. Hope is coming back to Iraq, albeit in small doses.

Now though, an extraordinary video has emerged. The short piece of film was shot by Matt Willingham of Preemptive Love, a 'global movement of peacemakers changing the way we engage the world's most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love.' Willingham can be seen walking around an utterly skeletal Church, devastated by explosives and bearing the dark marks and flags of ISIS across its hallowed walls.

"I'm in a destroyed orthodox Church in downtown Mosul," says Willingham. "I wanted just to take a minute to show you the destruction. You can see the chandaliers are just blown to bits, you can see the ISIS flag up here. I mean, it's terrible. "

You can even see where the altar would have been; now a crater inflicted by a massive mortar explosion. But just as things seemed hopeless, a member of the team spotted something remarkable. "As my friend and I were walking, he called me over and he said, "Hey, come look at this. And he pointed up, and we looked up and got to see this."

"This beautiful image of Jesus."

"It was just one of those moments where despite all that's around us, all the negativity and destruction. That little moment just caught my breath. Just this beautiful little glimpse of Christ, of hope.. it just keeps you going."

Check out the video below. 

What We Found Inside This Church Destroyed by ISIS Took Our Breath Away from Preemptive Love on Vimeo.

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