Feb 28, 2017 by Will Maule

'Married People Should NOT Text With the Opposite Sex'

Nowadays, communication is instant, constant and often invasive. You can keep your smartphone with you 24/7, and can receive messages at all hours. There are many benefits to this, but there are also dangerous temptations lurking within WhatsApp or SnapChat. So, should married people refrain from texting the opposite sex entirely? That is the opinion of Zack Carter, writing at Relevant. And here's why. 

"If you were at home and your spouse was not, would you invite over someone of the opposite sex, to have a conversation in the privacy of your bedroom? Especially in the privacy of your bedroom with the door locked and window shades drawn? Most likely—and hopefully—your answer is a firm, “No!”" he writes. But if I were to ask if you regularly texted with the opposite sex, the answer may not be the same.

Texting, Zack argues, has become too normal between a spouse and an unmarried individual of the opposite sex. "We text without thinking. We text because the world we live in says text messaging with others, including the opposite sex, is perfectly acceptable communication," he points out. "Unfortunately, there is a false sense of security that exists in cell-phone text messaging: It almost always feels as though the words sent and received in a text will not venture into dangerous open waters. The reality is a text message is open water. There is no shallow end to stand on or wall to grab onto."

Seriously, though, Zack reminds us that affairs do not begin with sex. They start somewhere, and often find their roots in digital communication. "Safeguarding your marriage against infidelity should extend beyond the bedroom. Infidelity occurs well before having actual sex with someone, and in today’s culture, the smoke is usually fanned into fire during text messaging," he writes. "Text messaging provides an opportunity for even hearts most devoted to their marriages, to inadvertently seek pleasure from someone other than their spouse."

We must protect ourselves from this temptation and snare. "Avoid giving your phone number to the opposite sex. If it is necessary to keep in touch with them, have your spouse give their number to them," advises Carter. 

"Our goal is to remain constant with living above reproach, living above what culture says is acceptable or unacceptable, especially in our marriages."


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