Feb 28, 2017 by Will Maule

'A Pastor’s Apology For A Hateful Christianity'

As Christians we should aways seek to show people grace and love, just as Christ has done the same for us. But too often, we get caught up in our own interpretation of the Bible, solidify it in our hearts and minds, and inflict this upon disagreeing believers. We must always be careful what we say. We are witnesses to the Lord Jesus, and must guard our tongues, even if we feel frustration and anger. Unfortunatlely, many continue to perpetuate a 'hateful Christianity,' which is something Pastor John Pavlovitz is seeing to apologize for. 

"With each passing year I’ve watched the Church I love become polluted. I’ve watched it slowly grow more and more malicious, more and more bitter, more and more toxic," he writes. "I’ve watched it devolve into something that often barely resembles Jesus—and it’s been heartbreaking."

Pavlovitz feels like he must apologize for his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who choose to condemn rather than love. "I’m sorry that the Bible has been used as weapon against you by selective fundamentalists, who wield the Scriptures like a hammer when it suits them—and discard and ignore it when it inconveniences them," he writes. "I’m sorry that the life-giving, planet-altering message of the Gospels has been reduced to a 30-second prayer to avoid damnation, that you’ve felt pressured to pray."

Pavlovitz argues that these types of Christians are "nothing" like Jesus. "I speak these words because I still believe that the real Church has something to contribute that is not politically motivated or financially self-serving; that it can be a place of redemptive, sacrificial community for all people who wish to make their home there," he urges. 

"I speak these words because it may have been a long time or perhaps forever, since a pastor, priest, or minister has told you that you are loved; not with any caveat or condition, not with stipulations or qualifiers, but simply because you are—and you are."

Read his full article here.

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