Mar 09, 2017 by Will Maule

After Studying The Evidence, This Atheist Lawyer Could NOT Deny Jesus Christ

This atheist lawyer grew up in a faith-filled home, but by the time he got to college he harbored serious doubts about his Christian upbringing. David Limbaugh was convinced that Jesus was not the son of God. But then a friend challenged him to study the proof. As a lawyer, Limbaugh believed he had a duty to weigh up all the evidence. 

"I'm not sure the lessons ever took hold of me," he says of his childhood, according to CBN. "I had problems when I started thinking about evil and suffering." He also found it strange that we have to believe in Jesus Christ to be saved. It was only when a friend showed David that "different sections in the Old Testament were tied to the New," that he was "frankly blown away." 

"From that point on I was marvelling at the unity of scripture," said David. He said that he was even more astonished by the accuracy of Biblical prophecy. "How do you deny the supernatural aspect?" David asks. "When I saw the specific details predicted in Micah 5:2, the very town Jesus would be born in, details about his crucifixion."

"I could no longer deny that I was holding in my hand the word of God. It took on a completely different meaning. And it was life changing as well."

Watch David talk more about his experiences below. 

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