Mar 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Sadie Robertson Urges Teens To Say 'No' To Sexual Sin, And To Say 'Yes' To Jesus

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson may have started life in the shadow of her reality TV star family, but she is certainly making a name for herself as she grows up. Robertson has millions of teen followers on all her social media feeds and is determined to use her platform to encourage them in Christian living and being faithful to Jesus.

In a recent video, Sadie shares the whole idea of saying 'no,' and encourages her followers to implement this when temptation comes their way... even if it's awkward. "5 seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret," says Sadie. "This goes for so many things in life...

1. "If someone is drinking and they ask you to get in a car with them. Say NO."

2. "If someone asks you to drink, and you don't want to drink. You can say NO."
"I've been there. It is a little awkward. But it's gonna save you from a regretful night!"

3. "If the person you're dating wants to go farther than you want to, say NO."
"Talk to them about it. It's gonna be awkward. It's an awkward conversation. But it can save you from a lifetime of regret!"

Sadie then highlights some things that we should say "Yes" to. The number one is saying yes to following the call of Jesus on your life! 

"If someone comes up to you and wants to tell you something juicy, tell them you don't want to know. And that is extremely awkward! Honestly, I've been in the most awkward situations where I just say "I don't want to know." 

Sadie also encourages her viewers to always be led by the voice of God, and to say 'Yes' to Him! "Say there's a person over there, and they're all alone and they're crying. You feel the need to go pray with them. The Holy Spirit is leading you over there. But it's so awkward. Just GO. Let Him lead. You know, God will speak to you. He will give you eyes to see and ears to hear."

"You can say "no" and you can say "yes." It can be awkward. But think of the few seconds it could be awkward vs. the lifetime of regret that you could have."

Then, think of the "lifetime of excitement" you can have from that moment of saying yes to God!

Watch Sadie explain this more below. 

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