Mar 15, 2017 by Will Maule

Founder Of A Satanic Church Turns To Jesus Christ And Is BAPTIZED

Jacob McKelvy, formerly known as Jacob No, is a former Satanist and even founded a Church on his Satanic beliefs. But on February 5, 2017, McKelvy and his wife renounced their ties with the Luciferian church, after becoming born-again Christians, reports CBN. 

"...(W)e were once covered in darkness and bound to each other in Luciferian covenant," McKelvy said during a service at Spring First Church in Houston.  ="We were mired in the shadows of the adversarial influence and knew no love outside of each other. Today I rebuke, denounce and break the satanic covenant by the blood of Jesus."  

McKelvy says he was drawn to Satanism after his sister died of a snakebite. "I was born and raised Mormon and so I understood what Jesus Christ was and what God was and if they took my sister away I was going to go to the dark side. There was a lot of hopelessness and feeling of powerlessness that drew me to this. When Luciferianism says that you are your own God, that's pretty powerful," he explained.

Then in the summer of 2016, McKelvy walked into Spring First Church and asked to meet with Pastor Robert Hogan. He ended up talking to the minister for four hours. By the end of their conversation, he had committed his life to Christ. "I have to say Robert's probably one of the best men I've ever met in my life. He's the real deal," he said. 

"No matter how far away from God you think you are. There is always a way home," he said.

"I had this burning sensation to go in that church, so I did. Robert wasn't there that day but he called me back. We talked on the phone two hours and then we set an interview for August 11th and we talked for 4 hours that day and I ended up giving my life over to Christ." 

"The power and peace and wholeness I feel today is far greater than anything that I've ever felt before."

Watch more on his story below. 

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