Mar 15, 2017 by Will Maule

Woman Who Prophesied Obama And Trump Presidency Warns Of "Great Shaking" Coming To America

Dr. Patricia Green has been extremely accurate in her prophetic predictions. She prophesied that both Barack Obama and Donald Trump would become president, and now she has a startling message for the future of America. She says God told her that a great shaking will soon come to the United States and that many churches will fall, according to Charisma. 

"Prepare your hearts. He will shake the heavens and he will shake the earth with his outstretched arm. This great shaking will usher in great revival. The churches whose foundations are not established on the rock of Yehoshua will fall," she says. "Many will be shocked at the churches who fall because those churches put up a good front, but refuse to live in holiness. I will expose the greed, the fornication, the adultery and the idolatry of these churches. There is a great shaking coming, and I will expose the sin. Repent before it is too late."

"Many are hoping for a great move of God instead of shaking. But the truth is that we should be thankful for the shaking that is coming because it will shake many into the kingdom," writes Michael Snyder.

"Without a great shaking, there would be no widespread revival, so we should embrace the shaking that is coming, because it will help spark what I believe will turn out to be the greatest move of God the world has ever seen."

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