Mar 17, 2017 by Will Maule

Tim Keller: 'Conservative Churches Are Starting To Boom In New York City'

Church planter, preacher and ministry strategist Timothy Keller has had a remarkable impact on New York City since the day he arrived back in 1989 with his wife and three children. Initially, he rented out a 200-capacity space from a Seventh-day-Adventist Church, a far cry from his 5,200 attendee, multi-site 'Redeemer' Church campus. 

Keller also believes that conservative evangelicalism is on the rise in the notoriously atheistic Big Apple. “The first thing I’ve noticed is that in almost 30 years the numbers of conservative Protestant churches across the five boroughs has increased greatly,” Keller tells the New York Post. “In light of the decline of religion among millennials across the country, it’s worth noting that much of this growth has been among young adults.”

But Redeemer, of which he recently announced his resignation as Senior Pastor, has consistently brought a younger generation to his congregation. “The goal of our ministry,” he says, “is to show self-sufficient urban people that ‘their hearts are restless until they find their rest in God,’ that their lives and the world are inexplicable until they see we are alienated from God. Sometimes they are drawn into community where they discover that truth. Other times they come into community as a result of realizing it.”

Now, as Keller moves into the next phase of his ministry, he wants to encourage Christians to engage in the communities in which they find themselves, and to be expectant for God to move in power. “Christians ought to be present and engaged everywhere that there are people. But across the world people are flocking to cities at the rate of millions per year," he says. "Christians don’t all need to live in cities, but they should at least be moving there in the same proportions as the people whom they want to serve.”

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