Mar 17, 2017 by Will Maule

Pastor Godwin Emmanuel Murderer In Benin

Founder of Love Fire Ministry Pastor Godwin Emmanuel has been murdered by an unknown gunmen in the African nation of Benin, according to CBN. Witnesses say it happened Sunday night while he was on the way to help distribute food items to poor members of his church when he came across of group of men who were pushing their car across the road, PM News Nigeria reported. 

"The man of God stopped for them to pass so that he can have his way. He never knew that they were the people who came to attack him. So they shot him in the chest and stomach," says Festus Edema, a representative from the church. "When I heard about the news of his death, it was devastating and shocking. It is a painful one, very painful, but God will give us the strength to go through it," said Pastor Esquire, a member of the church. 

"My command is ever ready to deal decisively with night marauders," Gwandu said.

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