Mar 17, 2017 by Will Maule

Sadie Robertson: "I'm A Child Of The One True King Who Conquered All My Fears At The Cross"

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson has released a video where she talks about how God can use our weakness and turn it into our greatest strenght. Sadie reminds us that in the days where we feel the worst, we can trust that God will sustain us and use us in mighty ways. 

"Even in your ugliest state of mind, open your mind to receiving beauty. Because sometimes all it takes for us to experience God's beauty is us exhaling our ugly," she says. 

"The enemy and the world throws things in our face and they define them as our weakness, when in fact God intends to create as our strength. Sometimes we just let the enemy that our insecurities are our weakness, and we don't use them as a strenght."

God wants us to be honest about our weaknesses so that he can use us to minister to others. "The Bible it talks about how it is in our weakness that God's strength is made perfect and whole. We cannot take away the meaning of the cross and what Jesus did for us," says Sadie.

"In Hebrews chapter 11, it talks about all these people that did amazing things and extraordinary acts of faith. But at the end of the chapter it says all these people earned a good reputation because of their faith yet none of them received all that God had promised."

"Our victory is not here, our victory is being prepared for us there. Sometimes our lives aren't going to look perfect, and aren't going to look beautiful. But if we just continue to walk in truth and see our weakness as our strength, you're gonna watch a much more victorious life."

"I walk around with this tattoo 'Fearless' on my arm, because it reminds me that at one point in my life I was very fearful, but now I am fearless! Because I am a child of the one true King who conquered all my fears at the cross. I can't take away the meaning of the cross. You know? I have a savior who died for me and that gets me pumped and that gets me passionate."

Watch Sadie talk more about this below. 

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