Mar 20, 2017 by Will Maule

Trump Declares That "Obamacare Is Dead" And Planned Parenthood To Be Defunded

During a recent Oval Office meeting, President Trump said, “I want people to know Obamacare is dead," according to LifeNews. Referring to the House bill, the president added, “I want to let the world know: I am 100 percent in favor.” President Trump added that the conservative critics “were no’s, mostly no’s, yesterday, and now every single one is a yes.” 

This is great news for pro-life advocates. “Nobody knows exactly what happened, but there was breaking news this morning from the White House that President Trump has secured the support of more than a dozen key House conservatives for the leadership’s Obamacare repeal bill,” said pro-life advocate Gary Bauer.

” Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), a personal friend and stalwart conservative, is one of the new “yes” votes. Palmer voted against the bill in committee yesterday. But he was with President Trump today applauding “certain changes” to the bill. Those changes apparently move the legislation in a more conservative direction,” Bauer continued. ” The leadership now appears confident of victory. It announced that the House will vote Thursday on the Obamacare repeal bill.”

In an email Planned Parenthood sent to its supports, the abortion giant said: “The threat we’ve been warning about has just hit the House of Representatives. Republican leadership introduced a bill that would cut millions of patients off from care at Planned Parenthood health center.”

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