Mar 20, 2017 by Will Maule

5 Things Christians Should NEVER Do On Social Media

As Christians, we should strive to be faithful representatives of Christ in ever sphere of our lives - both private and public. This also goes for social media. Are we seeking to honor God through our Facebook posts? Well, there are some things we should simply refrain from doing. Felix N. Codilla III at Christian Post highlights 5 of these. 

1. Show too much skin
"There are some Christian ladies who justify photos wearing short shorts and hanging shirts as not too revealing. They forget about God's warning against causing others to stumble (1 Corinthians 10:32). When in doubt about one's appearance, a Christian should ask herself if she'll be comfortable wearing that dress if God were to show Himself to Her. But it's not only the ladies who are guilty of this. Some Christian dudes also love to show their bodies in the guise of promoting healthy living. They should be reminded that God is not pleased with conceit (1 John 2:16)."

2. Reveal too much
"Drama queens are all over Facebook and they include Christians who are supposed to project a victorious life. Instead of inspiring others that God is working in their lives, they are showing defeat from their problems by shouting it to the world."

3. Pontificate
"Regularly posting one's thoughts about other people's transgressions with a judgmental tone casts a negative image on Christianity. There are more appropriate platforms to express God's displeasure of sin like the pulpit or online blogs. If you're writing a blog, make sure to deliver the message with love and concern, not with hate and bigotry."

4. Get into arguments
"As Christians, we are supposed to be the light of the earth (Matthew 5:14-16) and not be adding to the political noise that would never end regardless of what we say. It's always better to pray than to be stressed by the contrasting opinions of others."

5. Gossip
"Some Christians love to ask others to pray for so-and-so who is undergoing a tough phase in his/her life, studies, work, health, marriage, relationships, etc. Unbelievers who read such posts wouldn't want to be affiliated with a church where they will be gossiped about in the guise of soliciting prayers and support."

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