Mar 20, 2017 by Will Maule

VP Mike Pence "For Me, Attending Church Is The Best Hour Of The Week"

Despite his hectic vice presidential schedule of speaking engagements, meetings and official duties, Vice President Mike Pence tries to attend Church every Sunday. Pence is a devout Christian and is not afraid to talk about his faith. This last Sunday, he even found the time to sit down with Pastor David Hughes at 'Church By The Glades' in Florida.

Hughes started by congratulating Pence on his Christian witness throughout the election process. “You are respectful and kind, and that was clearly absent from a lot of the [political] debate [which was] so partisan,” he said as he and Pence sat on stage before about 2,000 worshipers in Coral Springs.

Hughes went straight in at the deep end, asking Pence about how the Vice President first met Jesus. "I started going to a Christian fellowship group on campus," says Pence of his time at college in Southern Indiana. "I found myself encouraged when I went there. Along the way, a senior started talking to me about faith. Eventually, I said "John, I've decided I'm going to go ahead and be Christian."

However, Pence talks about how his faith did not move from his head to his heart, and that one day, this changed dramatically. Pence liked how his friend was wearing a cross around his neck and decided that he wanted one too since he was now going to be "living Christian." But the future VP was missing the point. When Pence asked John to get a cross for him to wear, John stunned him with a few powerful and convicting words: "You know you've got to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck." 

"It just hit me," Pence recalls. "I think I stood there for like ten minutes!" He decided it was time to make a personal, soul commitment to Jesus Christ. "It was a few weeks later I went to a contemporary Christian music festival in 1978. I heard lots of great music and fantastic preaching. Then, Saturday morning sitting in a light rain, I walked down to the front. It wasn't out of anything other than my heart really broke with the deep realization that what happened on the cross had happened for me."

"I gave my life and made a personal decision to trust Jesus Christ as my savior."

Pence then went on to address the division over US President Donald Trump. Vouching for his boss's character, the VP asserted that Donald Trump “has broad shoulders, but he’s a got a big heart.”

“Sometimes he’s bigger than life, charismatic, always memorable,” he said. “I think we’re going to see that unity will come back as we turn the country around.” 

When Pence was asked about why he bothers attending Church every week when he is so busy as Vice President, he replied:

"For me, it is just the best hour of the week," which was met with rapturous applause from the congregation.

"It's a time when we're refreshed. It is such a blessing."

Watch Pence's interview below. 

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