Mar 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham: "The Atheist Progressives Want To Strip God Out Of Our Society"

Rev. Franklin Graham has weighed in on Trump's nomination of conservative Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, saying that the atheist progressives in the US are doing everything in their power from stopping a pro-life justice from taking the bench. 

"Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch begin today. Democratic progressives like Senator Chuck Schumer have made it clear that they will do everything within their power to stop his confirmation," Graham writes on Facebook. "The atheist progressives in this nation want to strip God and all references to Him out of our society. They want to marginalize Christians to the point of making them second class citizens, forcing them into the shadows and penalizing them if they don’t go there."

"This past election was about the Supreme Court—and the issue facing us today is not wiretaps, it’s not Russia, it’s still about the Supreme Court. If approved, Gorsuch will add a needed conservative voice on America’s highest court. Will you join me in praying for Judge Gorsuch and for the Senate as they go through the confirmation process this week?"

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