Mar 23, 2017 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham: 'Pray God Will Give Theresa May Wisdom To Deal With Terrorism'

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham has offered his condolences for the lives lost in the UK terror attacks yesterday. A man drove an SUV across Westminster bridge, mowing down pedestrians, before entering the Palace of Westminster and stabbing an officer to death. He was subsequently shot dead. "Terrorism has raised its ugly head again today in London with five people dead, including a police officer, and 40 more injured," wrote Graham on Facebook. 

"Some media outlets say the attack was Islamic related, but whoever is behind it will ultimately fail. Samaritan's Purse has an office in London, and I’ve been to the city many times. The British people are stronger than steel when things like this happen."

"Let’s pray, not only for the injured and those who have lost loved ones, but also that God will give Prime Minister Theresa May and those in authority wisdom as to how to deal with these terrorist attacks."

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