Mar 27, 2017 by Will Maule

This Spoken Word About Eternity Will Inspire You To Look Beyond Your Circumstances

Life can be really hard. And as Christians, we all long for the day that we can be with Jesus forever. Heaven is real, and it will be eternal. Joy unceasing, love all-satisfying - it is going to be incredible. Sometimes, we need a reminder of this eternal place of refuge, and spoken word artist gives us exactly that with his amazing video. 

Jorgenson says that this will be a place where "the headline is always hope, and love is always on the menu." He continues "this tomorrow stretches from everlasting to everlasting. It is set in the hearts of men, with incalculable distance between now and then."

"Fractured pieces restored, pain and loss absorbed. All of humanity living in accord. Forever feasting freely in fellowship as a family. Fraternally connected to a Father, who paternally guides us internally." 

"He answered our emergency when he gave us eternity. When he brought in forever. When he ushered in always. When infinity showed up to the party."

"Here, death is NOT the end. And praise ascends when the knee of evil bends. This is not just a trend. It's forever. This is eternity."

Watch his amazing video below. 

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