Mar 28, 2017 by Jonathan Malm

The 3 Proper Responses To Disappointments

Life starts with a disappointment. The first thing you do is emerge from the safety of your mother’s womb, into blinding light and an uncomfortable, sterile room. And the disappointments don’t stop there.

Disappointments don’t have to define us. They don’t even have to determine where our lives go.

Jonathan Malm
Jonathan Malm is a creative entrepreneur and writer. He is the author of Created for More, a 30-day devotional to help you develop a more creative mind. He lives in San Antonio, Texas where he roasts his own coffee beans and cooks gourmet meals for his wife.


Disappointments will come. But our response will determine the good that can come out of them. Here’s how we should respond when we encounter disappointments.

1. Learn from what caused it.
Did you cause the circumstance that led to the disappointment? I know I was the cause of one that happened last Wednesday. I pushed too hard in a business deal and I paid the consequences when they backed out. I learned from that disappointment.

But sometimes the disappointment we experience is because we had improper expectations. We thought things were supposed to go a certain way and they didn’t. That’s when we need to learn to move our expectations.

2. Move your expectations.
Whenever you deal with any crushing disappointment, it changes the normal. Your expectations used to be one thing, but you can’t expect that anymore. It’s time to embrace the new normal.

Instead of looking back at what used to be – the expectations you used to have – it’s time to move them. Forget what was. Forget what could have been. Now focus on what can be. Where can you go now that you’ve found this new normal?

3. Move forward.
You have a new starting point. Now it’s time to determine a way to use that starting point to get to a better place. Was there a hidden opportunity buried within that disappointment? I’m willing to bet there was.

God tends to use our disappointments as hidden opportunities. He shakes away the things we thought we wanted and He shows us a path to the things we actually need.

Rain can be a disappointment when you were planning on having a picnic. But it’s a blessing to those who want to see green grass again. Choose to see the blessing in the rain. That’s the opportunity God gives us.

This article was written by Jonathan Malm and originally appeared at his blog. Find it here.

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