Mar 28, 2017 by Will Maule

'Church Hunters' Episode 2 Just Dropped And It's HILARIOUS

There is no doubt that John Crist is an exceptionally talented comic. He understands the modern American Church consumerism and relentlessly pokes fun at it. It is good to laugh, and this video will have you in stitches. The second episode of 'Church Hunters' follows John and his wife Molly as they get shown around a more 'relevant' Church campus. 

The name? "Moulded clay, jar art, tapestry campus mosaic Church. This Church identifies as inter-denon-denominational," the Church hunting advisor says. The tongue-in-cheek skit continues with the couple comparing this new Church to a previous traditional Church that they did NOT like. 

"We left there feeling convicted," John says. "We're just looking for a TED talk with a Bible verse." OK, so what translation does this Church speak out of? "The Tumblr Bible," says the advisor. "A lot of emoji's, a lot of abbreviations." 

"I'm gonna be in this worship band. Imagine me up on that jumbotron, mid guitar solo," John says. "Think how many Instagram likes you'd get!"


"How many songs do they do during worship?" asks John. "Usually five, five and a half, depending on where the spirit leads," replies the advisor. "Ohh is that too much?" John asks his wife. Well, don't worry, this Church has a solution. 

"If that's too much for you, they have a programme here called the worship assist program. If you ever get tired during worship, an intern will come out and hold your arms up - you just keep worshipping the king of glory."

"Just like that I love it, you can still look super spiritual. And my arms get so tired from Yoga."

Watch the rest of the episode below. 

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