Mar 30, 2017 by Will Maule

'10 Signs That Political Correctness Is Starting To Destroy Christian Values In America'

There is no doubt that a progressive and secularist agenda is sweeping across the nation. But what is the cause of this? Well, much of it comes down to an increasing desire for political correctness, bizarre as it may become. Michael Snyder at Charisma highlights 10 signs that this is getting way out of hand, and actually working directly against certain Christian values held by millions of Americans. 

1. "According to Time magazine, a book entitled Santa's Husband will be released on October 10th by a major U.S. publisher that depicts Santa as "a gay man in an interracial relationship"."

2. "According to Michael Moore, historians will mark "March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began" because Donald Trump has rolled back Obama's climate change regulations."

3. "One of my readers just sent me a photo that his 16-year-old son took at school. It is a photo of a slide that was being projected on to a large screen at the front of his classroom that contained this message: "Polls show that young people today are more accepting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people than ever before. Why do you think that is?""

4. "An elementary school in California has banned the game of tag because it is too dangerous."

5. "In North Carolina, as early as the first grade a "gender unicorn" is being used to teach children "about sexual orientation and gender identity""

6. "According to Dr. Michael Brown, bathroom scales have been taken out of the gym at one college campus for a very strange reason: "Administrators at Carleton University have removed the bathroom scales from the campus gym, claiming that 'being fixated on weight' does not 'have any positive affect [sic] on your health.'""

7. "A Christian university in Minnesota has told professors "to stop using terms such as 'man' and 'mankind' because they are too masculine"."

8. "Snickers bars will soon be sold in rainbow wrappers "as part of a pro-LGBT ad campaign.""

9. "A 32-year-old man will now compete in international volleyball events as a transgender woman and may end up qualifying for the Olympics as a female athlete."

10. "Planned Parenthood has killed millions of children, but nobody from that organization ever seems to get into trouble with the law. Instead, two activists who exposed the fact that Planned Parenthood is auctioning off baby parts to the highest bidder have been charged with 15 felonies in the state of California."

Christians across the US should seek the Lord on how to usher in his Kingdom amidst this prevailing tide of political correctness. God can still work wonders even in the quite bizarre age we live in! Amen? 

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