Mar 30, 2017 by Will Maule

Muslims Around The World Are Seeing Jesus In Their Dreams, And It's Astonishing

An incredible phenomenon is sweeping the Muslim world, and birthing many followers of Islam into new life with Christ. Increasingly frequent reports of Muslims seeing Jesus Christ in their dreams are popping up all over the globe. CBN have now released a video documenting some of these remarkable stories. 

"In my dream, I saw Jesus was a bridge. I decided to come to Him," says one former Muslim. With so many Islamic nations attempting to stamp out Christianity in all its forms, it is a remarkable way of the power of God manifesting in people's lives. 

"People in these streets and refugee camps, from places where ISIS have occupied, even people from here are encountering Jesus in dreams and visions," says another man. CBN reports that one convert to Christianity has gone on to baptize 500 Muslim refugees himself. "Around the world, Muslims are turning to Christ for salvation," the video reads. 

"In the Church, if you ask how many people came to Christ, 80% of them will say they saw him in a dream," says another woman from Central Asia. Another man, Ali, saw Jesus during his Muslim Hajj. "That night I saw Jesus in a dream. 'You have been saved, follow me, you belong to me,' he said.

"So I decided, I am not going to finish the Muslim pilgrimage. Whatever it takes, I will follow that voice."

Watch more on these extraordinary events below. 

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