Mar 30, 2017 by Will Maule

Syrian Christians Will Only Have A Future If ISIS Can Be Defeated

A former leader of a Mennonite group who worked for a decade in Syria says he's hopeful that the Christian community will have a chance of survival in their nation, as long as ISIS is defeated. "If it is a takeover by ISIS, which is increasingly unlikely, I would be very worried about any sort of Christian presence in Syria," Eldon Wagler, former country representative for Mennonite Central Committee and who served in Syria for 10 years, said in a speech at Bethel College, a Christian liberal arts college in North Newton, Kansas, last week, according to The Kansan.

"I do not think ISIS is going to last too long. ... If you have been following Mosul, you can see what our bombing has been doing there. ... The Islamic factions and definitely ISIS is on the wane at this point. That is partly because of Russia. Iran has been active with that. Let's face it, our bombers have been flying up to 100 missions a day trying to target ISIS targets," Wagler added, speaking at the school, which is affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA.

"I see this civil war dragging on for some time until all the parties slump to the table in exhaustion much as they did in Lebanon after 15 years. They were just tired of the fighting," Wagler continued.

Shockingly, approximately 400,000 people have died in Syria's conflict, which began over six years ago.

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