Apr 03, 2017 by Will Maule

John Piper: "God Is The Source Of ALL That Satisfies"

Pastor John Piper has devoted his life's ministry to challenging followers of Jesus to commit their entire being to the Lord Jesus. When people give Him less than that, Piper is perplexed! "I'm astonished at people who say they believe in God, and live as if happiness could be found by giving God almighty two percent of their attention," says Piper in a new video with Desiring God. 

"If God is God, He is the source of all that satisfies," Piper continues. "He is ultimate satisfaction." If we really treasure the Lord as much as we say we do, why are we not backing it up with action? "Be astonished at people who say 'I believe in God,' and live as though happiness could be found now and forever by giving him so little of their attention."

Watch Piper speak below. 

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