Apr 03, 2017 by Will Maule

Matt Chandler: 'Abortion Is Murder, And Here's Why'

When it comes to the issue of the unborn, there are three words that make many people cringe: "Abortion is murder." But is this technically true? Matt Chandler from The Village Church explores this question in a recent video. "It's murder not in some kind of ethereal, philosophical way," asserts Chandler.

"It's murder when you look at the science behind it. It's murder when you look at all the pieces; scientifically, in regards to how humanity has historically viewed it. Even in how we consider unborn children now with regards to certain manslaughter laws about what happens if a woman is pregnant and then wounded."

But Chandler asserts that the most important reason we need to be able to say "abortion is murder" is because it is a "big deal," and should be a priority issue for Christians to "be involved in."

However, Chandler also highlights an important aspect of using this phrase. "When we say it, we also must keep in mind there will be men and women in front of us and around us, who then by this definition of abortion being murder, are murderers"

"So we need to be gracious and compassionate. I don't know if I have ever said that sentence where I haven't pointed out that in the scriptures God pulls from the fringes of depravity and darkness, his brightest lights." 

"God can redeem, rescue and reconcile from the farthest reaches of sin. "

"We must say abortion is murder because that's true, and so that we might feel the weight of this issue. But we must say this with compassion and care because there are murderers among us."

Watch Chandler speak about this below. 

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