Apr 03, 2017 by Will Maule

Hillsong United Release Video For 'The Shack' Song 'Heaven Knows'

Hilsong United are probably the most recognisable worship outfit in the world. Their smash hits such as 'Oceans,' 'Scandal of Grace' and 'Touch the Sky' are known by millions worldwide, and the band regularly fill stadiums and host vast worship conferences. Now, they have penned a song for blockbuster movie 'The Shack,' released by Atlantic Records. 

Check out some of the lyrics:

"Hold my heart, don't let it bleed no more
Sometimes forgiveness is like a man at war
God only knows why love is worth the fall
Maybe that's what makes it love"

"I can hear it now, the everlasting sound
Roaring like a lion deep within me
I won't hold it long, I wasn't made that strong
Sweet surrender, hold my heart and not let go
I'm letting go
And Heaven knows
I love you so"

The band recorded a new music video in conjunction with the movie release. Check it out below. 

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