Apr 04, 2017 by Will Maule

3 Top Tips For Reading The Bible Effectively

As believers, we are always striving to consume the word of God as much as we can. The scriptures attest to the power and majesty of God, let alone give us sound instruction on how to live our lives. But we must develop some key habits when opening up God's word. Bronwyn Lea at Relevant highlights 3 things every Christian should do when reading the Bible. 

1. Remember What You Learned in English Class
"The Bible is not an instruction manual. It's not a "how-to" book for life. It is a collection of 66 books of literature, and to interpret it correctly, you need to remember what you learned in English class about interpreting different genres of literature. Biblical truth is found in poetry, but we must read it as poetry. It is found in narrative, but we must read those as stories. It is found in proverbs, and we must treat those as such. Just a quick moment to think “what book am I reading from? And what type of literature is this?” can make a world of difference. Truth be told, the Bible is not an easy read, but it is absolutely worth the effort."

2. Read ‘King’ When You See ‘Christ’
"Christ, or Messiah, means “anointed one,” and priests and kings were anointed. Substituting "King Jesus" for "Christ Jesus" when reading draws attention to the fact that Christ was not Jesus' last name, but in fact His title: one of great honor and esteem. Making that one switch alone breathes new life into reading the New Testament."

3. Read to Study. But Also, Read to Refresh Your Heart
"Amid the hours of serious Bible study, I treasured this advice. Sometimes, we read to study and understand and wrestle with the truth. But sometimes, we read to make our hearts happy. “Delight yourself in the Lord,” for “your words are sweeter to me than honey.”"

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